Coastal Erosion Protection and Slope Stabilisation at Tara Glen Golf & Country Club

Coastal Erosion

Location: Ballymoney, Co. Wexford
Client: Tara Glen Golf and Country Club
Project Value: €250,000

AGL Consulting designed coastal erosion protection for a slope within a cove on the coast of Co. Wexford to prevent further deterioration due to coastal erosion and was combined with a soil nailed slope solution to provide overall slope stability.

A stone revetment was adopted as the coastal erosion solution. This design comprised a double layer of HMA1000/3000 Armourstone, overlying a double layer of LMA60/300 with a heavy duty geotextile placed on the slope face. Class 6F2 material was placed on the top of the slope to aid in the overall slope stability and, where required, a geotextile separator was used at the interface of materials to prevent infiltration of fines into the more granular layers. CP 45/125 was placed at the interface of the LMA60/300 and the Class 6F2 material, to satisfy the filter criteria.

The soil nailed slope was designed for the section of the slope above the crest of the revetment and comprised 5 No. rows of R32-320 Dywidag Self Drilling Hollow Steel Bars varying in length from 12m at the top of the slope, reducing to 16m and 17m with depth. There were intermediate 2m length nails installed between the long soil nails to prevent shallow failures. Due to the irregular profile of the slope, a flexible facing comprising a galvanised steel welded wire mesh was required on the steeply sloping sections.